It has been three years since we moved into our location on Chicago Avenue and 41st street in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. So many of you made it possible for us to open our doors.

Thank you!   

The People's Movement Center offers workshops, weekly classes, & individual bodywork sessions.

  • Pilates class happens weekly at 10am, centering the bodies of IPOC and queer bodies and their allies.‚Äč
  • A good way to find out what is going on is on our Facebook page or through our newsletter. To sign up for the email newsletter, contact us at!

Sustaining Member

Campaign, September


Thank you to everyone who has donated this past year, including those of you who have signed up to be a monthly sponsor!!!

If you are contacting us to schedule a bodywork session, either individually or through one of our partnerships, please click on "Collective" and find out about each practitioner. We at the PMC do not have central scheduling so please schedule with  each practitioner individually through the information found on their pages.



736 East 41st Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407                                                                                                                                                   612-293-6691