June 2019. It is with love and heavy hearts that we share with you that the People’s Movement Center will be closing its physical space and ceasing operations on July 31st, 2019*. The People’s Movement Center, as a business, is jointly owned by six people. Some of us have been involved with the PMC for five years, since the beginning, including Alejandra, our founder. Some for slightly less. We emerged out of the earliest organizing that happened within the framework of healing justice. Each of us has given innumerable hours of unpaid labor to manage and grow the space. And now we are ready to finish this part of our work. Over the next two months we will be doing the work that is involved in closing down a business.  We will keep the physical space open until July 26th.

While there are six owners of the PMC, we are a total group of 16 people. This is a decision made by the six owners that also impacts the other ten people directly affiliated with the PMC, as well as the innumerable others who have been either a part of the PMC or have been directly involved with building this work. We are so grateful to every person who has made the PMC possible, including our many donors and volunteers, and we hold with tenderness how this decision might impact our many different communities. To those of you who are monthly donors, we are so grateful for your support. We invite you to continue to give through the end of July to support us through our closing process.

We share this news with great sadness, but also clarity that closing is the necessary action at this time. We were able to do a lot with little resources in the last five years of PMC’s life, but have not been able to stay open in a way that is sustainable in terms of money, time and energy. We sit with the grief of how the systems we are in limit what is possible, while also knowing that this choice is an act of great care and of facing accurately what is true right now. We are leaning into trusting the emerging nature of life, and cycles of death and rebirth.

As part of this process, we ended the one contract position we had, the Central Nervous System. We are grateful to key and kye for their willingness to come in and work with us during this past year as we sorted through what it would mean to have this kind of position as part of the PMC.

It’s been a lot of learning and we feel proud and grateful for what the last five years have been. We just plain ran out of juice. Once we have finished the work of closing the business, we will be taking some time to pause and in 6 months plan to start looking at what it means to celebrate and reflect on the last five years.

We know that many people in our communities will have feelings or thoughts about this closing. You are welcome to share with us any of those thoughts and feelings through our Facebook page or email (peoplesmovementcenter@gmail.com). We will get back to you as soon as we can. We take seriously what it means that a business that we have personally managed is also something that many others care about. Please reach out to individual practitioners directly for more information around how to continue to work with them. In the next two months, there may be updates on our website about the continuation of practitioners’ work.

Thank you for your care and your belief. We also want to thank Autumn Brown and AORTA for their support in helping us navigate the last couple of months of shifting and changing towards our release of this public announcement. We are reminded in working with Autumn that really good facilitators are also part of the continuum of healing justice practitioners.

Alejandra and her partner, Saby, began the PMC as a dream. Our first official event was to co-organize Healing Justice for Black Lives Matters. Since that time we have been involved in a range of frontline healing justice solidarity spaces, organized healing justice spaces at gatherings and for communities being targeted, held quarterly collective bodywork days, and brought people like Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarsinha, Mia Mingus, Eli Clare, Aurora Levins Morales, Cara Page, Jaime Grant and others to our space. The local and national landscape of healing justice is very different from when we first began.

While the PMC is closing, relationships will continue. We are excited for all the ways that our individual and collective work towards the healing in justice and the justice in healing will unfold.  As our fabulous facilitator Autumn named, we did not set out to build an institution but to support a movement. The movement continues.

In solidarity and with great care,

Alejandra, Ayo, Eiko, Griffen, Rebeka, Susan

*We are closing the space and ceasing operations on July 31. We will do a final sunset of the PMC as a legal and fiscal entity on December 31. We will be using those six months between August and December to finish out a few projects, think about documentation of our work, and finish out some of the legal and fiscal elements of operating a business.

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The healing in justice, the justice in healing.


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