Deadline for applications:  May 28

This is a paid hourly contract position with the chance of growth over the next year. This position focuses on administration and management of the day to day operations of the People’s Movement Center. This is a new position and a new way of organizing work for PMC. We will be learning along with you the best way to manage this position and this work in ways that feel caring, clear and connected to the broader lens of healing justice.

Administrative management
Respond to emails and voicemails in a timely fashion
Track and respond to snail mail.
Prepare for monthly core group monthly meetings including putting together agenda, taking notes, sending out reminders
Attend monthly core group meetings
Organize, schedule and support quarterly full community meetings
Manage rentals including scheduling, set up and closing
Manage social media and email newsletter communication of PMC and aligned activities
Keep website up to date
Keep Facebook (and other social media) page updated with both PMC materials and additional live content
Keep email list updated before each newsletter goes out
Manage calendar(s)
Manage People’s Fund tracking and administration
Manage the general Healing Justice network once it is launched and partner with the POCI and Youth Healing Justice Network coordinators on trainings and other activities.
Work with owners on specific timely projects within your scheduled hours including PMC events such as fundraisers, full collective gatherings, and other meetings.
Financial responsibilities
Put together and submit invoices and then track to ensure that rent or other payments are collected
Put together monthly bank deposit
Work with owners on fundraising strategies including ongoing sponsorship requests, tshirt sales and other new strategies
Physical space
Supplies and daily basic maintenance
Keep track of larger materials such as massage tables, sheets, water delivery and other PMC -owned materials. Watch for and coordinate new supplies shopping.
Manage cleaning rotation
Work with owners on large scale physical space needs
Partner with owners on managing Z Puppets and building owner relationships
Manage snow and sidewalk maintenance

Work with collective members around one off projects like art gallery by providing administrative and logistical support. Details will be decided based on capacity.This position pays for 20 hours a week at $20/hour* or $400/week and about $1600/month. This time is flexible, those hours are averaged (20 hours a week) as long as some of the timed responsibilities (events, end of month finances) are taken care of. As a contract employee, it is your responsibility to submit invoices for payment (monthly or bi-monthly) to the owner who is managing finances. Our goal is to eventually turn this position into an actual staff position. Part of your work will be to help us continue to expand PMC’s operations and sustainability towards the eventual expansion of this position into (likely) a full time staff position. It is not a requirement of becoming the coordinator to stay with this position as it grows.
There is likely to  be additional work throughout the year that is not covered by this contract. The coordinator will get plenty of time to determine if this is additional work they want and can do. They will then be paid for this additional time. Examples include coordinating an annual street party.

We are looking for people who are in alignment with our purpose. The PMC is committed to the healing in justice and the justice in healing. We center marginalized communities and practitioners, paying particular attention to people of color and indigenous people, to people from queer and trans communities. We center relationship in how we approach our work.

Concrete needs: We need someone who is steady with this position, who is planning to be in the Cities for awhile and to see your role with the PMC as a priority. We are also looking for someone who is very detail-oriented. You are going to be coordinating along with a core group of owners and a broader collective of people. We are looking for someone who is strong on tracking details and helping to keep a group of volunteers moving forward along with you. We are also looking for someone who is comfortable telling us what you need but also listening to what we need. Partnership.

If you are interested in this position, please email us a letter ( telling us about yourself including your connection to our work and your experience in being responsible for and managing details. Please send resume, two references and a brief writing sample and/or work sample that shows your ability to communicate and organize details. Writing samples might include letters, proposals, past work items, past newsletters or organizing materials or something you write just for us to show you what your writing is like.  Work samples might include reports, curriculum, excel projects (for organizing data) or something that shows how you organize material. Don’t worry about this, don’t spend lots of time compiling a portfolio. We just want to get to know your work as well as your life.

*While this is an hourly contract position, we will pay the Coordinator for the full 52 weeks of the year, meaning, you will have paid time off.  Each year there are 4 weeks of time paid off to be used in whatever way you choose, including sick time. If time is needed beyond those 4 weeks, the owners are open to conversation. Additional benefits include a free bodywork session each month from one of the PMC practitioners.