cheré suzette bergeron (rere) is a white, multiethnic, chronically ill, trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming femme, herbalist, witch, & cajun transplant currently living on occupied Dakota land in Minneapolis, MN. My people are mostly of european ancestry: acadian cajun, spanish, bohemian, roma, norwegian, & german farmers, caretakers, blacksmiths, healers, merchants, nurses, & healers. I bring 10 years of anti-violence advocacy & reproductive justice organizing to my trauma-informed healing arts practice.

In 2006 I began working directly with plants for my own healing, survival, & somatic needs. I have been supporting their friends, family, & community members by connecting them with herbs since Winter Solstice 2012, when I was first asked to share my medicine with my community. That same year I began studying energy & bodywork as tools for personal & collective liberation.

I founded Twin Cities Herbalists for Racial Justice in 2016 to collect, create, & redistribute herbal supports to indigenous folks & people of color in the Twin Cities & beyond in the wake of sustained, relentless, & state-sanctioned violence against first nations people & communities of color. I am also an energy worker, a full spectrum doula, placenta encapsulator, & co-founder of the SPIRAL Collective, a reproductive justice collective which provides free, compassionate, non-judgemental support to the full-spectrum of people across all pregnancy outcomes & reproductive experiences. From 2012-2016 I provided hormone injections & HIV testing at The Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition.

 Educational Background: In 2009 I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Gender & Women’s Studies & International Studies from the University of Minnesota Duluth. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Nursing Program at the University of Minnesota & I have also been offered early acceptance to their Nurse-Midwifery Doctor of Nursing Practice Program.

Herbal Medicine & Flower Essence Consultations
Herbalism is a part of all of our ancestral lineages. This traditional practice offers us powerful opportunities for working with plants & learning what they have to teach us. Plant medicine has been used to survive, to thrive, to heal, to overcome, for self care, & for successfully treating physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual ailments. Whether looking for preventative care or a herbal allies for a current or ongoing imbalance, a unique blend of herbs in many forms can be created with your needs in mind.

I offer herbal medicine & flower essence consultations on a sliding scale fees that incorporate a brief intake, pulse & tongue assessment energy reading, & a uniquely crafted herbal formula just for you.

I completed an herbal medicine apprenticeship & flower essences coursework with local practitioners Jessica Belden of Herbal Vagabond Apothecary & Martin Bulgerin of the BioPsciences Institute in 2015. During Summer 2016 I studied with a variety of QTPOC herbalists, including Toi Scott, founder of Queering Herbalism & The School of Liberation & Healing Medicine’s Herbal Freedom School. I graduated from the Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine’s graduate-level Master Clinical Herbalism Program in June 2017.

Cheré Suzette bergeron

Body and Energywork Session
I offer integrative & intuitive energy & bodywork sessions in a variety of healing modalities. I practice Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, & Chakra Reading. Whether you are seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual support, these practices can be incredibly helpful. Don't wait until you are in pain! Body & energy work are most effective when practiced regularly. These practices can help to prevent many ailments & to promote resiliency & liberation.

I received my Reiki Level 2 Attunement from Laurie Reade Endris of Svasti Yoga in South Minneapolis in 2013. That same year, I completed my 230-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. I studied chakra healing with Nadine Dassier of Energy Works Healers in 2014. I studied Craniosacral Therapy with the Heartwood Institute for Integrative Medicine in Spring 2017. I am deeply grateful to my teachers for their continued mentorship, guidance, support, encouragement, and presences in my life, and I believe in the importance and the power of honoring those who take the time to share their crafts and impart their wisdom.

I offer integrative & intuitive energy & bodywork sessions that incorporate a variety of healing modalities including reiki, crystals, chakra healing, & yoga therapy to support optimal vibrancy, resiliency, and balance with your universal life force. Whether you are seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual support, energy work can offer exponential benefits.

Herbal Medicine & Flower Essence Consultations Rates
Initial Appointment: Up to 1.5 hours, $60 - $160 sliding scale fee, plus the cost of herbs
Follow-up Appointments: Up to 1 hour, $30 - $80 sliding scale fee, plus the cost of herbs

*1st Follow-up Appointments are complimentary

I practice under a healing justice framework, & am committed to decolonization & de-centering whiteness. As someone with white settler ancestry & who identifies as a non-binary queer witch, this means uplifting healers who are femme, queer & trans, people of color, & indigenous, as well as to center these communities in my practice. I strive to bring my whole self to my clients & meet them where they are at, respecting their decisions, honoring their intuition, & working to co-create a container for them to view themselves as the powerful healers & magic-makers they are. I strive to bring an ethic of communal care to my practice, recognizing that we cannot "self care" our traumas away, & that we do not survive alone. I would be happy to discuss my framework and approach further with you so please do not hesitate to contact me!

*For more information on Healing Justice please see
Just Healing Resource Site & Badass Visionary Healers.

Sliding Scale Fees & Accessibility
I utilize a sliding scale fee for almost all of my services. My hope with this approach is that folks who have the financial ability to pay more will pay more and folks who need to pay less will pay less and everything will balance itself out. The sliding scale fee exists for people who have low or no income and/or have limited to no employment. I believe everyone deserves access to the healing they desire & deserve. I highly encourage you to contact me if finances are a barrier to you receiving support​ from me at any time! I can always work outside of my sliding scale as needed!

Cash is enthusiastically accepted, as are checks and Paypal, Venmo, or Cash.Me payments. I can also use a square reader for folks who want to swipe their cards for their electronic payment.

Contact Information
cheré (rere) suzette bergeron
pronouns: they/them

Bodywork Rates
60 Minute Session: Sliding Scale Fee - $60 - $80
90 Minute Session: Sliding Scale Fee - $90 - $110