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Eternal Spring Chi Kung
Tuesday Evenings at People’s Movement Center, 6-7pm
Rates: $5-$15 per class (sliding scale)

Eternal Spring Chi Kung is a comprehensive series of 12 movements designed for people of all ages and physical abilities. Eternal Spring Chi Kung exercises strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons; develop alignment and balance, and connect mind and body through the breath. It's a workout that will leave you energized and refreshed. The exercises are simple and easy to learn, and can be adjusted to match your current physical ability. There is an emphasis is on slow and steady growth, and developing inner discipline. While weekly attendance is encouraged, yes, you can join in anytime! The beauty of these exercises is that, while simple and easy to learn right away, there is also depth and strength that will develop the longer you continue this practice.

Master Chu designed Eternal Spring Chi Kung as the first level of his tai chi curriculum after having taught tai chi for nearly three decades.  He writes, "Rooted in the fundamentals of Nei Kung and Tai Chi Chuan, it represents a gentle and reliable guide to cultivate chi in the human body. Simply put, chi is the Chinese word used to describe the life force, the same vital energy which links us to all of nature. Chi Kung translates literally as "energy training."" The CK Chu School of Tai Chi maintains a focus on the martial arts applications of the form. Regular Chi Kung practice builds a foundation for effective self-defense.

Somatic Massage
Mondays and Tuesdays, sessions available 10-5 pm

Rates: $50-$80/hour (sliding scale)

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Malia burkhart

I am a certified practitioner and teacher-in-training through the C.K. Chu school of Tai Chi and teach Eternal Spring Chi King classes. My own relationship to Tai Chi began in 2011.  My primary teacher is Jeremy Hubbell, who studied directly with Master Chu in New York City in the last decade of his long career as a Tai Chi Master Instructor and founder of the CK Chu School of Tai Chi in Times Square.  Sadly, Master Chu passed away in 2013.  Master Chu was one of the first Tai Chi Masters to offer classes to Westerners, and specifically designed the Eternal Spring Chi Kung exercise program to help the average Westerner develop the strength, balance alignement, and state of body-mind connection necessary to practice the Tai Chi form.  I trained in Eternal Spring Chi Kung from 2011 – 2015, and obtained an official Teaching Certificate in this form from the CK Chu School of Tai Chi in January 2015.  I am Japanese-German American.  My Great-Grandfather on my mother’s side was a martial arts master and teacher of Kendo, Japanese swordfighting.  I understand that the relationship between China and Japan is complex and interwoven, and these cultures are quite distinct in their expression and identity.  In addition, my upbringing was with a primarily Western influence. I offer these classes in the spirit of embodying and understanding the philosophy of Taoism, which is embedded in the Tai Chi Form, and bridging East-West connection by carrying on the treasure of Tai Chi and Master Chu’s legacy by teaching my courses true to his intention and instructions.