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individual practice rates

Everyone who is growing their practice at the People's Movement Center is committed to providing care that welcomes the whole person and is accessible to community. We are a diverse group of practitioners working together, humbly serving health, wellness, and justice. Some of us have sliding scales*, some of us offer a fixed rate for our services.  Though we currently do not require proof of income for our sliding scale services, they are meant to serve those experiencing economic hardship. This is for those who need flexibility and access to healing services. We will always trust that you are paying the most that you can within the scale given your unique situation (income level, income flow, treatment plan, overall healthcare cost, family emergencies, sudden illness, etc.) It is also for those who like supporting practitioners who value being financially accessible. By choosing to pay towards the higher end of the scale, you support our capacity to take on clients on limited incomes such as single parents, students, artists, and more. We all volunteer and contribute quarterly to our collective bodywork days where we offer 50 minute sessions from $25-50. 

Please see individual collective member's page for specific rates.

‚ÄčAnd also check out the People's Fund. This community-supported fund makes bodywork accessible while also supporting sustainable practitioners!