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Rita sees yoga as a powerful tool in countering the prevalent disconnect between the mind and body experienced by many individuals and communities. She understands the mind-body disconnect as a perpetuating force and key facet of multiple systems of oppression; however, through promoting embodiment, wholeness and authentic living, yoga and other mind-body practices cultivate individual resilience, as well as unlock doors to community creativity, imagination and healing.

Rita's teaching centers on continual self reflection and seeks to decolonize yoga in a world where it has been co-opted in wealthy, privileged countries and manipulated into a commercialized fitness fad. In order to construct classes and class environments that are more accessible, she does not use Sanskrit terms for yoga poses and concepts, though she continues to learn from yoga philosophy. She also walks students through movements, part by part, and encourages everyone to individualize their practice as they go. As we listen to and understand ourselves more, we are better able to deconstruct oppressive states of being within ourselves and find more genuine and just ways of engaging with the world around us.

Although trained and certified in vinyasa yoga (flow yoga or continual movement linked with breath), Rita integrates multiple yogic traditions in classes, including meditation, breathing exercises, and restorative poses. Her classes also introduce several healing themes, such as curiosity, exploration, expansiveness, and body and sense awareness. Through gradually claiming space and gently building an internal heat, students practice in an environment where befriending the body and constructing a more authentic self is possible.

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Rotating instructor Thursdays, 6-7 pm and Saturdays, 10-11 am
Donation-based, sliding scale $0-$15 or by trade (let’s be creative in how we share our energy)

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Rita Molestina

Rita Molestina is a yoga instructor at PMC and swears she learns something new everyday. As an urban Latina, youth development worker, fierce advocate, trauma survivor, and sexuality educator, she strives to bring an openness and authenticity to all that she does. For over 10 years, Rita has worked in community wellness and healing and draws from several philosophies and practices, including those found in reproductive justice, postcolonialism, theories of radical economic change, intergroup relations and dialogue, trauma theory and healing justice. Rita’s work sees community healing as a process of embodied liberation, a continual process in which we connect intimately with our history, mind and body. This approach recognizes that we are all in-process, individually and collectively, and that the journey is just about as important as the destination.

Though born and raised in foggy San Francisco, Rita has called Minnesota her home for the past 5 years. After earning a Masters in Social Welfare at UC Berkeley in 2010, she moved to Minneapolis and began managing education programs for of Planned Parenthood MN ND SD. In 2012, she started practicing yoga as one of many efforts to heal from various traumas, both social and historical as well as acute. Soon, however, she realized that through this body work she had connected to an energy inside of her that she‘d never known. Since then, Rita has pursued ways of sharing transformative embodiment with others.