Sun Yung is a poet, writer, editor, speaker, creative writing teacher and consultant, educator, curriculum designer, and facilitator. She was born in 서울 Seoul, Korea and brings to her work a deep appreciation for the animistic, shamanistic, and Buddhist practices of her homeland and other global living traditions. She began studying Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with the Minneapolis Healing Justice Cohort in January 2018 and will complete her training and receive certification in August 2019. She has a Reiki Master Level III certification and has been practically reiki since the 1990s. In the last decade she has been learning somatics (with a teacher certified in Somatic Experiencing®) with a Native women/women-of-color practice group, learning to heal collective and intergenerational trauma.

Sun Yung is passionate about the intelligence and deep evolutionary magic of the human body, and of all living beings and cosmic forms. Life is sacred. In all her work she aims to resist the nihilism of our time and make culture-bearing art as a dam against erasure. Language is her other major medium; you can learn more about her work as an artist and consultant here.

Sun Yung currently offers FREE one-hour biodynamic craniosacral therapy sessions. She also currently offers Reiki at a sliding scale fee of $50 - 85 per hour.
In terms of payment, Sun Yung can take cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, or credit card via a Square reader. Cash or check is preferable.

Please go to Sun Yung’s Slotted page to see availability and to sign up for sessions. If you don’t see a date/time that works for you, you can email her directly at to try to find a time.


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