Love  is a relational thing...

Dear PMC community,
Thank you for all that you do for your families, your communities, and our larger worlds. It's because of you that we are here. As the People’s Movement Center, we are here to support and nourish you so that you can thrive. We ask you to join us in launching our Monthly Sustaining Donor Campaign as we work to sustain ourselves.
You can be a part of what it means to create space for the healing in justice and the justice in healing. To sustain this work, we want to bring in $1,000 in monthly sponsorship donations. We look forward to meeting this goal with you. To give, go to our Donate page on our website and use the drop-down menu to determine your monthly level. Every bit makes a difference. One-time donations are also welcome, as is creatively pooling resources with groups of friends.

For three years, the People’s Movement Center has been a place that centers the lives and experiences of people of color, indigenous people, queer and transgender people with individual & collective bodywork and somatic practices that support movements for social justice and social change. We have done much together. You’ve shown up in the hundreds to access our sliding scale bodywork at Collective Bodywork Days and Wellness Weekends.    

You have held events in our space and attended workshops like womb wellness for indigenous women, desire mapping for POCI folks, journaling with Carolyn Holbrook, organizing workshops with Mia Mingus, and direct action trainings in solidarity with Standing Rock. Perhaps you’ve joined others in growing a weekly practice through pilates or Chi Kung.

We are no strangers to the impacts of systematic oppression and its disproportionate impact on the communities we serve and live within. These impacts are exaggerated in the current political climate. We see increasing anxiety, depression and burnout in our communities with simultaneous demands for spaces to heal.

Thank you for allowing us to, at these times, be a witness and support through all the hardship, the love, the joy and loss of the last few years. Thank you for becoming our monthly sustaining donors.

With much gratitude, The People’s Movement Center -

Alejandra, Fen, Eiko, Ayo, Rebeka, Susan, Dana, Cheré, Malia, Ihotu and Joohee

P.S. We will also be hosting a fundraiser gathering/party this summer on Friday, July 8th from 5-10pm, and hope you will join us for fun and connection.